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chunk of code which supposed to perform the printing but it keeps returning me error of: Object required: ' objFolder'. Namespace( TargetFolder). C: \ Users\ Brett\ Downloads\ UnzipZip. vbs( 12, 1) Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Object required: ' objShell. I also note that you don' t test for file existence before you attempt to unzip it ( which is really what the error you get refers to), and that strDesktop is asigned the value of " MyDocuments" ( not an error, more like " set duck= horse" ). share| improve this answer. I am working with some existing code and trying to modify it so that it will take a command line option for the file name. If I use the command line to pass the file name, I receive the error: object required: ' objshell. The error output is this: E: \ somefolder\ zip. vbs( 11, 1) Microsoft VBScript runtime e rror: Object required: ' objShell. n" ( timeout / t 3 echo " Script Execution Terminated" exit ) if / i not "! Item( 1) > > zip. vbs echo With CreateObject( " Scripting. FileSystemObject" ) > > zip.

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    Vbscript runtime required

    vbs echo zipFile =. GetAbsolutePathName( zipFileName) > > zip. vbs echo sourceFolder =. NameSpace( sourceFolder). NameSpace( Ag( 1) ) If Err. Number < > 0 Then Wscript. echo " Creating Dest " & Err. number & " " & Err. Is Folder False Is File False 424 Object required Microsoft VBScript runtime error symbols File folder False True wkernel32. path instead of file in set FilesInZip = objShell. NameSpace( file). This will cause the NameSpace( ) method to fail and not return an object reference which in turn means Items is not accessible hence the error;.

    Object required: ' NameSpace(. ) ' If the CreateObject( ) had been at fault n time error 800A01A8. Data\ bits2\ windows. vbs Line: 9 Char: 1 Error: Object required: ' intOptionsSet' Code: 800A01A8 Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error. Here is my script:. NameSpace( outFolder) intOptions = 256 objTarget. To correct this error; See Also. The statement cannot appear at the level of a namespace. The only declarations allowed at namespace level are module, interface, class, delegate, enumeration, and structure declarations. NameSpace( ZipFile). is empty ( ' undefined' ). NameSpace( strZipFile). Just to elaborate the cause of the error, I also encountered this and it is because the zip file location is not valid or cannot be found.