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init( null, new TrustManager[ ] { new. See also a slightly fuller explanation at: http: / / literatejava. com/ networks/ ignore- ssl- certificate- errors- apache- httpclient- 4- 4/. If all you want to do is get rid of invalid hostname errors you can just do:. I' m writing a Java SOAP client to connect through HTTPS with SSL authentication to a SOAP webservice. I set the certificates ( keyStore, trustStore) with the following method :. When I try to connect, I have the following error : javax. SSLHandshakeException: Received fatal alert: bad_ certificate at. Your server is fine and it is ready to accept SSL connections from clients which it " trusts" that means whose certificates are available in the keystore of your server. And, in the above case, this is not true, because certificates in. Here is some relevant code: / / Create a trust manager that does not validate certificate chains TrustManager[ ] trustAllCerts = new TrustManager[ ] { new X509TrustManager( ) { public java. X509Certificate[ ] getAcceptedIssuers( ).

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    I suggest you run: openssl s_ client - connect remoteserver: 443. Assuming the remote server requires or requests client certificate authentication, it should send you a list of acceptable CAs. You should send a certificate. after this, if I install abc. p12 certificate in certmgr, it works fine. To be able to do it from Java, I needed a truststore. I created a truststore where I import the public key using. > keytool - import - keystore client- truststore. This is the method everyone says to use to ignore SSL Certificate Errors ( only setting this up for staging, it won' t be used in production). If I am doing the TrustManager wrong, or if I should be executing the HTTP Post method differently, either way. Again, if you follow the accepted answer ( by Kevin) to that question, you will indeed ignore the error but this will make the connection vulnerable to MITM. Export the certificate from your browser and import it in your JVM truststore ( to establish a chain of trust) :. IMO is a bad thing) - yhis will just affect the current connection rather than every SSL connection you try to open:. An exception isn' t a crash, and it shouldn' t bring down your application.

    That' s just poor code structure and poor exception handling. You need to start a thread per accepted socket, with its own exception handling in. I created one simple test java application to connect to a web service over HTTP/ SSL. The webservice provider. 1way ssl is working but 2ways ssl is NOT working with receiving bad certificate error. Can anyone please help.