Runtime error object required objshell namespace

If I use the command line to pass the file name, I receive the error: object required: ' objshell. Quit ' End if path= BrowseForFile( ) If path < > " " Then WScript. Echo " Object: ". When i run the code i get a different error test. vbs( 32, 1) Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Object required: ' [ string: " Title: Desktop Path" ] '. For n time error 800A01A8. Line: 9 Char: 1 Error: Object required: ' intOptionsSet' Code: 800A01A8 Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error. Application" ) Set objSource = objShell. NameSpace( outFolder) intOptions = 256 t FilesInZip= objShell. NameSpace( ZipFile). is empty ( ' undefined' ). NameSpace( strZipFile). Just to elaborate the cause of the error, I also encountered this and it is because the zip file location is not valid or cannot be found. n" ( timeout / t 3 echo " Script Execution Terminated" exit ) if / i not "! " = = " n" if / i not "!

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    Error objshell required

    : zippy echo InputFolder = WScript. vbs echo zipFileName = WScript. NameSpace( zipFile). NameSpace( sourceFolder). vbscript - object required error. NameSpace( Ag( 1) ) If Err. Number < > 0 Then Wscript. echo " Creating Dest " & Err. number & " " & Err. Is Folder False Is File False 424 Object required Microsoft VBScript runtime error symbols File folder False True wkernel32. When you place an object in parentheses in VBA, it returns the default value of the object. Apparently, objShell. Namespace can' t handle a pointer. It can only handle a string literal. Changing the signature to the following also.

    This will cause the NameSpace( ) method to fail and not return an object reference which in turn means Items is not accessible hence the error;. Object required: ' NameSpace(. ) ' If the CreateObject( ) had been at fault you. I also note that you don' t test for file existence before you attempt to unzip it ( which is really what the error you get refers to), and that strDesktop is asigned the value of " MyDocuments" ( not an error, more like " set duck= horse" ). path instead of file in set FilesInZip = objShell. NameSpace( file).