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実行時エラー' 53' : ファイル. 0 characteristics. Tengo un problema, he creado un ejecutable y cuando quiero correrlo me sale el error Run- time error 53: File not found. On Error Goto 0 - - > esto desactiva la opción anterior, al primer error tu aplicacion se cerrara si acaso tienes. Studio\ VB98\ CSCI15\ Package\ Support. But still have have the same error. This is my first time to pack a VB6 project with a database. I think there' s something wrong with the packaging process. it to be installed! Then if you have hard coded your path to where this file is located in your code and the file is not installed in that exact same place. visual- basic- 6. run time error 53 - file not found:.

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    you have to give the drive letter and all the folders where the file is located. NET - It' s { ancient} VB6 and I have no idea if VB6 is smart enough to do that. Was This Post Helpful? Re: Works well in VB4 show run time error 53 with VB6. It' s work good for me. Your error: File not found ( Error 53) so check the file path and/ or folder. Windows bit - VS Pro. I just noticed that when the error occurs, the other process returns trash causing a long filename of about. Len( strFile) strFile = strFile & String( intLength, " a" ) If Len( Dir$ ( strFile) ) = 0 Then MsgBox " file does not exist" End. My psychic powers predict you are running from the VB6 IDE - because a built EXE would find DLLs in the. There was an unsatisfied dependency in the DLL, but obviously it was returning the error on the first DLL entry point. An attempt has been made to call a procedure in a dynamic- link library ( DLL), but the library or resource file name specified in the Lib clause of the Declare statement can' t be found. Check the spelling of the file name and the. Often, the " file not found" message actually means that the DLL was found, but an error occured when loading it or. VB6 does all this behind the scenes so you can' t tell where the error is happening.

    This will run the DllMain method, if present Dim dllHandle As Long dllHandle = LoadLibrary( MyDll) If dllHandle = 0 Then MsgBox " Error loading DLL". dll must be in the current " working" directory ( or registered), otherwise at run- time the application can' t find it. I' ve searched these forums for 3 days, but found no answer, I' ve googled ' till my eyes bled but still I haven' t found a. I get a " Run- time error 53: File not found: libbz2. dll", and this file is located in the same folder as the project files. The DLL can' t be registered, and as said, it works in another VB6 project.