Vb6 runtime error 381 invalid property array index

have look at the following code ' 1 form with ' 1 listbox : name= List1 Option Explicit Private Sub Form_ Load( ) Dim intIndex As Integer For intIndex = 0 To 10 List1. your listindex is probably - 1 as no listitem is selected yet? modified as following ". Set lst1 = lvStudentInfo. SubItems( 1) = rs! SubItems( 2) = rs! Owner_ Address; End With. : ) listview visual- basic- 6. this is what I have, but it pops up a window saying: " Run- time error ' 381' : Could not set the List property. Invalid property array index. " Private Sub CommandButton2_ Click( ) ' ListBox1. AddItem ( gateway. List of Common VBA Runtime Error Codes. When an error is generated in your application— whether it' s handled or not— the properties of the Err object are assigned values with.

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    Property error index

    381, Invalid property- array index. 382, Property Set can' t be executed at run time. 383, Property Set can' t be used with a read- only property. associated with an element of this collection. 458, Variable uses a type not supported in Visual nsult Excel' s Help system. Return without GoSub. Invalid procedure call or argument. Invalid format in resource file. Invalid property value. Set not supported at runtime. Variable uses an Automation type not supported in Visual Basic. This error has the following cause and solution: A component' s property array could have a lower bound of zero and an upper bound equal to the number of elements in the array minus 1.

    Alternatively, the lower bound could. Este site utiliza cookies para análise, conteúdo personalizado e anúncios. Continuando a navegar neste site, você concorda com esse uso. Saiba mais · Microsoft Logo. Developer Network. ferencia de VBA para Office Referencia del lenguaje: VBA Índice de matriz de propiedad no válido ( error 381). Índice de matriz de propiedad no válido ( error 381). Tabla de contenido +. Introducción a la referencia del.