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To avoid errors like this in general I' d recommend creating a. Following is the error I see: Amazon Invalid operation: JSON parsing error;. When I look at the STL_ ERROR table for more details, this is what I see in the error details: errcode: 8001 context: JSON parsing error error: invalid. error: JSON parsing error code: 8001 context: invalid json object { " collection_ id" : 12, " activity_ name" : " Hour of Zen:. the proper escape for the double quote ( and this was automatically generated by Python' s JSON package). Actually i have a POJO it contains Integer variable, but from request if i send String it is throwing Json parsing exception in. these are integer but while sending request if i sent as " String" it will throw JSON parsing error:. The mongoexport command- line utility supports passing a query in JSON format, but you are trying to evaluate. Your example of* 1000 is the result of a math operation that would be executed by the JavaScript interpreter if you ran that in the mongo shell; in JSON it' s an invalid value for a new Date so mongoexport is exiting with a " Failure parsing JSON string" error. Can' t say for sure what the problem is. Could be some bad character, could be the spaces you have left at the beginning and at the end, no idea.

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    Invalid json error

    Anyway, you should absolutely never be hardcoding your JSON as strings as. また、 文字列以外の値など、 JSONのparsingが行えない値を渡した場合はエラーになり ます。 ERROR: JSON parsing error DETAIL: error: JSON parsing error code: 8001 context: invalid json array. while True: try: result = json. loads( s) # try to parse. break # parsing worked - > exit loop except Exception as e:. comma, or closing bracket, as in this case it will likely get a complaint about a syntax error after that ( expected property name, etc. Potentially relevant: here is a plpgsql function which will try to decode JSON and return a default value if that fails:. FROM ( SELECT safe_ json( my_ text, ' { " error" : " invalid JSON" } ' : : json) AS my_ json FROM my_ table ) as x. Your JSON is invalid. Use double quotes.